Compare Costs

Take a few minutes to compute what it actually costs you to live in your home, apartment or condominium, and compare your present costs to the Village, using the form below. Enter your current monthly costs and the total will be calculated for you at the bottom of the page.

Your Current Monthly Expenses Air Force Villages
1. Property taxes $ Included
2. State Income taxes $ None
3. Building insurance $ Included
4. Principal & interest on mortgage/rent $ None
5. Gas bill $ Included at VI & VII Ranch Homes
6. Electric bill $ Included at VI & VII Ranch Homes
7. Water bill $ Included
8. Trash collection, sewer fees, pest control $ Included
9. Snow shoveling or plowing $ None
10. Home Maintenance
(include repair and replacement of appliances, heating, cooling, plumbing, roofing, electrical and structural systems, etc.)
$ Included
11. Lawn service and yard care supplies $ Included
12. Housekeeping services $ Included
13. Cable bill $ Included
14. Security service
(burglar alarm charge)
$ Included (gated community)
15. Home smoke and heat detection monitoring service $ Included (smoke and heat detection system in every unit)
16A. Personal vehicle
(including insurance, gasoline, and maintenance)
$ Included (scheduled trips to Wilford Hall, Medical Center, base exchanges, commissaries, grocery stores via Village vehicles)
16B. Public transportation $ Included (scheduled trips to Wilford Hall, Medical Center, base exchanges, commissaries, grocery stores via Village vehicles)
17. 24 - hour emergency call system $ Included
18. Entertainment, social and cultural programs and events $ Included
19. Homeowners' association $ Included
20. Fitness/recreation center fees $ Included
21. Access to skilled nursing center $ Reduced rates
22. Access to home health services $ Nominal rates


 Surprised? Most people are!  Here are some additional benefits that your present home can't provide: 1) Less work and more independence; 2) More social outlets; 3) Guaranteed access to on-site health care services (home health care, skilled nursing, dementia/Alzheimer's care); 4) On-site physicians and other health services along with on-site prescription pick-up; 5) Assured care of surviving spouse; 6) Dining room services; and 7) Caring and helpful staff. 

Determine for Yourself How Affordable this Carefree Lifestyle Can Be!

Many people who look at Air Force Village's monthly service fees believe their current mortgage is less expensive, or if they no longer have a mortgage on their home, believe they pay little or nothing to live in their house. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

To accurately compare your living costs with living costs at the Village, use the above to add up your true current living costs, then compare them to all you get for the monthly service fee at Air Force Village. You'll find that carefree living at its best is not only affordable but can also save you money!

Please take a few moments to review the full range of Village advantages. Our resident services, gated community and exceptional medical care may not be readily available to you in your current residence.

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