How to Become a Resident

  1. COMMANDER’S CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP. When you are ready to move to AFV and have selected a type of apartment you prefer, you will pay a Commander’s Circle deposit equal to ten percent (10%) of the Entrance Fee for your selected residence. If you choose an existing residence at either Village I or II which currently has a waiting list, you will be included in an active wait list and offered a residence as it becomes available. For new construction, such as The Gardens at Village II, your 10% deposit will hold your selected lot choice during the construction phase. For new construction residences, the Entrance Fee is frozen at pre-construction prices.

    The Commander’s Circle application process includes:
    1. Identifying the specific residence location and floor plan desired. (For existing residences, up to three choices can be made.)
    2. Completing an Application for Residency/Health History form and a Confidential Financial Statement.
    3. Making a deposit of 10% of the Entrance Fee for your choice of residence. The Commander’s Circle deposit is refundable under certain conditions. Please see document for details.
    Deposits accrue interest at a 90 Day Treasury Bill Rate. Interest is “earned” upon taking occupancy of a Village residence. Earned interest is paid by check after you move in, but is not payable if you withdraw. In the case of a refund of deposit, no earned interest is included.
  2. ACCEPT A RESIDENCE UPON AVAILABILITY. Upon availability of a residence, you will have approximately sixty (60) days to take possession of the home (dependent upon the extent of remodeling and/or modifications) and pay the balance of the Entrance Fee. Our experienced Moving Facilitators have the practical knowledge to make your move a seamless transition to your new home. The Facilitator will oversee the remodeling of your residence.
  3. Endorsing the Residence and Services Agreement. The deposits previously paid will be deducted from the total Entrance Fee due at move-in. This is your continuing care contract with Air Force Village.

We encourage you to join the Commander’s Circle early! Speak with our residents – most will tell you, “Don’t Wait! If we were to do it again, we would have come 5 years sooner!”

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