Life Enrichment Programs

Our Mission-To provide our residents at every age and stage with all of the tools they need to enjoy a Healthy, happy retirement lifestyle.

Our life Enrichment /Wellness programs are multifaceted, taking into account the whole person. That means paying attention to their physical, psychological, and spiritual health and promoting a way of living that creates a healthy balance between mind, body, and soul.

Successful aging is influenced by a combination of lifestyle decisions that people make throughout their lives. This includes eating well, keeping physically active, exercising the mind, keeping a positive, nurturing your spirit and staying connected to friends, family, and social groups.

The Life Enrichment/Wellness program is composed of:

  • Lifelong learning-experiences that expand and enrich each resident.
  • Friendship Ambassadors-a resident team who welcome guests and new residents.
  • Growing together-Nurturing plants and pets.
  • Mind, Body, and Spirit classes.
  • Daily exercise and Physical activities-based on individual ability and needs.
  • Celebrations-scheduled special events.
  • Community partners-meaningful connections with the larger community.
  • Intergenerational opportunities-young people meeting with the residents on a regular basis.

Personal Wellness More Info
Our Wellness Center at Air Force Village is a daily stop for many of our residents.

PersonalWellnessOur clinician offers a wide variety services that creates a healthy culture on campus. The Wellness Center promotes health and wellness programs throughout the year and also conducts regular screenings for conditions liked diabetes and high blood pressure. Blood pressure, vital signs and weight checks are just some of the on-going services provided. Our on campus center can give our residents easy access to doctors and nurses who can treat a variety of illnesses, injuries or ongoing conditions. Our clinician greets all new residents with an initial visit within 2 weeks of their move-in date and assist in assembling essential information for emergency personal. You can also take a personal health inventory or fill out a Personal Wellness plan. You can then make an appointment with our clinician or Life Enrichment Department and they will guide you in the right direction. Here are some of our services offered:


  • Provides emergency first aid
  • Blood pressure, vital signs and weight checks
  • Maintain Resident release forms for WHMC Satellite Pharmacy, along with copies of Military ID and any form of insurance used.
  • Process New prescriptions & refills at WH Satellite Pharmacy.
  • Pick up medications and cut pills in half for resident, if needed.
  • Retrieve Lab results and Radiology reports from Wilford hall Medical Center. Once labs are picked up they are delivered to the doctor that orders the tests.
  • Facilitate & coordinate appointments with the Specialty Clinics
  • Schedule annual flu shots and mammograms.
  • Assist in coordinating services with Home Health Care
  • Maintain current scheduled of monthly & weekly doctors' clinical hours of operation.
  • Provides residents with access to current medical information regarding illness & the disease processes.
  • Invites many expert speakers to our campus to discuss areas such as nutrition, health promotion and stress.
  • Provide a Personal Wellness plan which may include a weight loss program, healthy eating, fitness program, stress & coping, smoking cessation, preventive programs and programs that will help improve your Blood pressure and blood Cholesterol.


Personal Wellness Plan Personal Health Inventory

Dimensions of Wellness More Info
Our comprehensive Life Enrichment/Wellness programs address each of the 7 major dimensions of wellness.



Physical-This includes everything that promotes overall good health and helps prevent illnesses and injury. Components include a variety of fitness classes that include balance, strength training, chair exercise, stretch, pilates, tai-chi, cardiovascular classes, Water aerobics and many more.  Sign up for a physical assessment or an orientation on the Fitness equipment with a certified personal trainer. Our Fitness professionals can help you develop a program specifically to meet your physical needs. They are here for you to help increase strength, endurance, and overall physical health. Join a cycling club, golf club, play tennis, pickle ball and bocce ball. Sign up for swim lessons, a healthy living lecture or a balance workshop.

Intellectual-Good intellectual health includes staying mentally active by taking lifelong learning classes, challenging your brain, and exercise regularly. Take a computer class, attend a lecture (or give one in your area of expertise), and sign up for continuing education at any of the colleges, universities and school districts in the area. Join the village voices, Sing along or the Sew-n- Sews. You can also visit our very own artist cottage and wood hoppy shop. Air Force Village provides you with many opportunities to explore you own talents and enjoy your neighbors.


Emotional wellness refers to feeling, thoughts, and the ability to handle stress or difficult situations. Examples that help maintain this type of wellness includes communication with support groups, professional, friends, and family. Join the Care & Share group or sign up for the Life after Loss program. Visit our counselor on staff, providing emotional support to residents through one-on-one confidential visits, small group conversations, classes, and consultants.

Social-This refers to the ability to interact, develop friendships and close relationships by participating in social events and classes. There are many clubs to join. The monthly parties, cocktail hours, bridge games, dinners, holiday mixers, themed events and private functions bring the residents together. Enjoy outings to the theater, opera, symphony, jazz, film, museums, art galleries and other venues-that abound in and around San Antonio. The Village shuttles are a great way to travel to these events with friends.

Environmental-This refers to having an attractive campus by providing safe and inviting surroundings. Enjoy the walking trails throughout both campuses, get involved with the resident gardens or join the bird watching group. Air Force Village offers good environmental wellness by recycling, conserving energy and spending time outside in the natural settings provided.

Spiritual-This principle of wellness includes practicing relaxation or meditation, believing that you have your own purpose in life, and being open to new experiences. This can vary from attending worship service with Air Force Village at each one of the campus chapels or join a religious group outside the community.

Vocational-Vocational wellness includes volunteering to help others, finding meaningful activities to participate in, helping friends and neighbors, and achieving personal goals. Sign up for Hospice for Hero's. Join one of many committees; help out with juice patrol in the Health Care Center. Help out with our resident-run libraries. Air Force Village has many other opportunities to volunteer your time.

Fitness Centers More Info
Staying fit is an important part of staying active and independent, and that's why we offer 2 Fitness Centers with:

  • Exercise equipment designed especially for seniors
  • Heated pool
  • Spa
  • Treadmills
  • Nu-Step
  • Stationary bikes
  • Free weights
  • Balance Balls
  • Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Mats
  • Regular scheduled assessments and Health screenings
  • Educational lectures relating to nutrition, fitness and overall wellness.
  • One-on-one Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training
  • A wide variety of Exercise classes

Exercise Programs More Info
Air Force Village offers a variety of Exercise programs and Personal Training. All programs are tailored to individual levels of ability, skill and personal Fitness Goals.

Group Fitness Schedule
Air Force Village I
Group Fitness Schedule
Air Force Village II

Fitness Questionnaire

Activities Programs/Clubs

Mission More Info
Air Force Village offers a variety of Social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities for all ages and stages of life.

  • Arts, crafts and hobbies
  • Cards and Games
  • Billiards
  • Bocce Ball
  • Pickle ball
  • Tennis
  • Wii Gaming
  • Walks
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Day trips
  • Planned Social Events
  • Lifelong learning
  • Education presentations
  • Musical entertainment
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Clubs - Cycling, Garden, Birdwatching, Pickleball and many more
Life Enrichment/Activities Calendar
Air Force Village 1 Air Force Village 2

Volunteering More Info
Research continues on the positive input of "giving back" in regard to the physical and emotion well being of the volunteer.

volunteerAt Air Force Village, residents are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of civic engagement opportunities, and they devote countless hours to community service for deserving programs and organizations.

In addition, resident provide support to programs and services on campus, sharing years of life experience, talents, and skills, this unselfish commitment contributes to the relationships and outcomes that enhance the quality of life for both the giver and recipients.

A menu of possible volunteer opportunities is posted here, and interested people are encouraged to contact us to pursue the possibilities. The AFV Community actively recruits individuals to make a difference in their own and other's lives by committing time, talent, and energy.

To find out more about the volunteer opportunities within Air Force Village, call the Life Enrichment/Wellness Director.

Volunteers' Welcome!

  • Piano Players
  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Gardeners
  • Pet Pals
  • Crafters
  • Hospice for Hero's
  • Artists
  • Sing-a-longs
  • Walking/Hiking buddies
  • Bible Study leaders
  • Exercise buddies
  • Cooking connoisseurs
  • Bird watching
  • Needle crafters, quilters, crochet weavers
  • Host & Hostesses
  • Discussion group lectures


Volunteer application

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